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3 – Quality and challenges of people analytics

People analytics uses data and analytics techniques to understand and improve the workforce. It can be a powerful tool for talent management, workforce planning, organisational design, and other HR and business functions.

One key aspect of people analytics is the quality of the data used. For people analytics to be effective, the data must be accurate, complete, and relevant. This can be challenging, as data may be stored in various systems and may not always be consistent or up-to-date.

Another challenge is ensuring that the data is properly analysed and interpreted. It’s important to have skilled analysts who can extract meaningful insights from the data and communicate them effectively to decision-makers.

There are also ethical considerations to be aware of when using people analytics. It’s important to ensure that data is collected and used transparently, respects employee privacy, and is consistent with company values and legal requirements.

The success of people analytics depends on having high-quality data and skilled analysts who can effectively use that data to drive business results. By addressing these challenges, organisations can use people analytics to understand and improve their workforce.

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