1 – Getting Started with Stedfast

Subscribing to Stedfast

The first step for all organisations is to subscribe to Stedast. In this video, you will learn how to complete this simple process.

Adding Departments

Once an organisation has subscribed, the first process is to set up departments. This helps to ensure that staff are allocated the correct resources. Departments can be either administrative groups, such as the History department or Maths department, or virtual groups, such as Apprenticeship Delivery Team or Senior Leadership Team.

Adding Professional Standards

Organisations can add professional standards to Stedfast. This is needed for staff performance development activities.

Adding Job Roles

Each user on Stedfast needs to have a specific job role. Job roles are then aligned with professional standards.

Adding Development Areas

Development areas are set at the organisational level. These are typically areas where an organisation want to focus attention in their development and quality assurance activities.

Adding New Staff

Once the basics have been completed, users can start adding more staff members. Email notifications will be sent to users with access and login details.

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