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1 – Getting started with people analytics

People analytics is the practice of using data and analysis to understand and improve the performance of an organisation’s workforce. It involves collecting and analysing employee data, such as job performance, engagement levels, and career development, to make informed decisions about managing and developing the workforce.

People analytics can identify trends and patterns in employee behaviour, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to optimise the performance and effectiveness of the workforce. It can also inform hiring, training, and career development decisions and measure the effectiveness of various HR programs and initiatives.

Some typical applications of people analytics include analysing employee turnover, assessing the impact of training programs, identifying the factors contributing to employee engagement and satisfaction, and analysing the impact of various HR policies on employee performance.

People Analytics Introduction

People Analytics Overview

Case Study

Google has been a pioneer in people analytics and has used data and analysis to inform many of its HR and talent management decisions.

One example of how Google has used people analytics is in the development of its “Project Oxygen,” which was a study that aimed to identify the key characteristics of Google’s most effective managers. The study analysed the performance of managers and their teams and employee feedback to identify the key behaviours and practices that were most correlated with high-performing teams. Based on the study’s findings, Google developed a set of guidelines for managers, which it has used to train and develop its managers.

Google has also used people analytics to inform its hiring and recruitment processes. For example, the company has analysed data on the characteristics of successful candidates to identify the key skills and attributes that are most predictive of success at the company. This has allowed Google to develop more targeted and effective recruitment strategies and to identify and hire the most qualified candidates for its open positions.

Overall, Google’s use of people analytics has helped the company make more informed and evidence-based decisions about its workforce and talent management strategies, contributing to its success and innovation.

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